DSP processors and hardware

Discipline "DSP processors and hardware" covers a wide range of aspects related to circuit and system development for digital signal processing. The course is the basis for the implementation of theoretical and practical knowledge in circuit design and building algorithms for DSP microcontrollers, as proper components of modern DSP systems.
The main objectives of the discipline are:

1 Creating the theoretical background for students in order to help them in futher studying and designing in the field of microprocessor devices for DSP.

2 Developing practical skills of circuit design based on scientific methods for the synthesis of digital devices and developing algorithms for DSP microprocessors and microcontrollers.

3 To introduce students to modern debugging tools, devices and development boards in the area of DSP.

4 Developing skills in the area of the control and data acquisition based on microcontrollers, as well as the ability to apply algorithmic techniques for signal processing