Programming for supercomputers and multicore processors Information
Mathematical methods in positioning tasksThis course requires an enrolment keyInformation
The development of analog devices using FPAA This course requires an enrolment keyInformation
Radio navigation theory and radarsInformation
Introduction to the inertial navigation and integration with GNSSInformation
Digital signal processing algorithmsInformation
Introduction to flight dynamicsInformation
Introduction to the aerospace navigation Information
Position computationsInformation
Basic GNSS theoryInformation
Discrete time Kalman filteringThis course requires an enrolment keyInformation
DSP processors and hardwareInformation
Datum and geoid and reference framesInformation
Algorithms of acquisition and trackingInformation
Radio receivers' theoryInformation
History and methodology of radio engineeringInformation
Altium designer and PCB developmentInformation
Analog and digital electronicsInformation